Being Reasonable: Plain talk for living in the future

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Ross has written a collection of short history stories titled West Side Stories based on his interviews with the pioneers of the Lytton-Stein Valley area. It is available here.

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Table of Contents

Section One: The Problem of Leadership

1 - Nuclear Convergence
2 - War
3 - Power
4 - God in Politics
5 - Sacred Cows

Section Two: Confusing the Issues

6 - History
7 - A Fantasy Called Freedom
8 - Racism: A Part of Us All
9 - Good and Evil
10 - Truth, Reality and Language

Section Three: Spiritual Adventures - A Distraction

11 - The Meaning of Life
12 - Hallelujah
13 - God?

Section Four: Politics: The Hoped-for Solution

14 - Democracy, Equality and Confusion
15 - Democracy Interruptus

Section Five: Economics: Feudalism Refined

16 - A True Free Market
17 - Labor: The Tragedy of the Common
18 - Economics: Policy vs. Politics
19 - The Under Appreciation of Overpopulation
20 - Shrinkage Shock

Section Six: Legalese

21 - Laws: Old and New
22 - Free Will and the Law

Section Seven: Novelties and Nuances

23 - What's in a Number
24 - Time
25 - The Power of Negative Thinking
26 - Brain Train

And Finally: Crossing Boundaries

Trends and Who Sets Them
Divide, Conquer and Create a Myth
Being Rational