The number of comments that are coming in is overwhelming, and would be gratifying except that more than half of them concern other sites and seem to have migrated here in some mysterious fashion. Processing all of them still takes considerable time, (time I would rather spend writing).

To answer a few of the questions raised; my blog template is from "dotclear" and I don't really know what security it has. As well, I'm not doing anything about plagiarism because I don't know what I can do and life is too short (and getting shorter) to worry about such things. This whole blogging venture is an entirely new situation for me and I am relying on help and advice from friends (and you people) to set it up and make make improvements. It's a slow process but I'm gradually gaining ground.

I've had comments where it has been suggested that I need to jazz the site up a bit with snappier titles and illustrative pictures, and I am sure that would be an asset, however, it is way too artistic, (and technical) for my poor skills. When I used to publish in periodicals and newspapers editors routinely did both, but I'm stretched to do even what I am accomplishing here. Perhaps someday...

My latest pieces, you may have noticed, were at opposite ends of a spectrum. Betting on Dreams is mostly factual information, delivered with the hope of creating meaningful discussion on an event that is simply world changing and, yet, is virtually unknown to people who don't reside in the sphere of social science statistics (and few do). Are these particular stats being downplayed or are they just too earth shattering in scope to accept. I don't know, but they reach into every corner of our world and books should be written about their consequences instead of blog articles. The second piece on spirits and science was purely and simply fun to write. It is a notable divergence from my usual work, though it carries a message I believe is as important as any. I hope you at least found a laugh in it. Thanks again for visiting, Ross