It's gratifying to see all the comments but I wish I knew how many of them actually apply to my site. It's obvious that some of them wandered in from somewhere else, (weight reducing and electrical contracting?) and I know so little about the technical aspects of their arrival that I am at a loss to weed them out in advance. Also, many of the comments are so vague and generic they could apply to anything. Spam filters work to a certain degree but, then, I have found some of my best comments on the spam list.

Some visitors ask technical questions and, as much as I would like to help, I can't. I had a local entrepreneur (and friend) set this site up, and it is still a work in progress. There are other aspects we are working on and hope to make improvements as we go.

If you, the reader, are looking for a theme, it probably hasn't appeared yet and it's not likely to for awhile. Some of my subjects are random, however, certain topics I will keep rounding back to. I wrote an ebook doing much the same and discovered that those who reviewed the manuscript enjoyed me throwing in chapters where the mood and focus was changed significantly. It helped readers enjoy the whole experience. (The book is coming out in print, by the way.)

So far the blog has done a rant on the Snowden controversy, which I wrote in a gush and then set aside, going back and tinkering on occasion before I brought it here. It still turned out to be a rant, but that might have been inevitable. The essay on happiness was a labor of love. Who isn't interested in finding happiness, and over a lifetime you learn a few things. I thought it would be a shame not to learn some of them sooner. The piece on young people committing suicide was difficult to write because it is such tragic and emotional topic. It takes us to places in our youth where we don't like to go, and to write about it without trivializing or denigrating the events, and the feelings that precipitated them, is a tightrope walk. I just thought young people should have a perspective from someone at the other end of life who still remembers what it was like.

There is more to come and I hope those pieces will be read and commented on as well. It doesn't take much to encourage me, (I guess I have low expectations), and new ideas are always being brought forth for discussion. Until writing stops being fun this blog will continue. Thanks for your interest. Ross