I probably get a hundred ads a day on this site. A few of them have real comments attached, but very few, and it takes time to separate them and post them. When I do get a thoughtful comment it stands out. I'm obviously easily pleased.

I re-published Ego Politics and the Quantum Economy, with a few editing updates, (I'm a better writer now than I was when it first appeared in the "Georgia Straight"). It's a another rant, which I'm prone to on occasion, but people of advanced age are often prone to ranting so, perhaps, it's a normal and natural activity for our species. I followed that piece up with The Cost of the One Free Shot Rule which harkens back to the horror of watching Sept. 11/2001 live on television, as it was happening. I don't think anyone who watched could come away unchanged in a very fundamental way. Still, what people do with tragedies after they occur may be more related to their own agendas' than to solving the actual problem. We, the people, must be vigilant and very demanding when it comes to threats against our rights and freedoms. If we aren't than maybe we deserve being treated like domesticated animals. The last piece in this series, No Hard Ground, is a bit whimsical and fun but still has a strong message. I apologize for its length, I prefer to keep my essays between 1500 and 2000 words, but some just keep creeping along until they stretch even the overload limit. It does read fast, which is a saving grace, but it isn't a harbinger of things to come. It's an anomaly, pure and simple, so please don't be deterred.

I get a lot of questions in the comments section. Answering them is a chore because many of them are already answered in the previous Blog Talks or they require me to go through a website I really don't have time to sort out. If you do have a serious question that I should answer, and am technically capable of answering, please use the email address on this site. Thanks again for being a reader, Ross