Being Reasonable: Plain talk for living in the future

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Do you know what freedom is? How about democracy? What are good and evil and where did they originate?

These sound like simple, basic questions – until you try and explain them to someone. Do you think you're a racist? You might have to think again after reading the chapter.

How about the meaning of life, did you know that after hundreds of millennia staying the same, it's now changing?

Is there a middle ground between atheists and believers – does either argument make sense?

Is war necessary?

What are the real differences between capitalism and socialism, or free trade and free enterprise?

Do you make your own decisions or are you programmed by genetic and environmental factors?

What are the big hurdles we must jump to survive our future – and I don't mean distant future?

Can we depend on those in power to make the right decisions for us? If not – why?

Bringing about change means first knowing the problems we face. Each chapter takes on a so-called well understood belief and tries to break through a fog of strange ideas and accumulated misinformation surrounding it. Once accomplished, you may discover that a large portion of the complexity we face every day is little more than a product of our cultural conditioning.

We have been taught to fear differing views of what is important to us. Are you confident enough in your beliefs to examine other alternatives?

Try a few free chapters and decide for yourself if it's worthwhile. You might find that understanding is power in a world where misunderstanding is virtually a requirement.

Being Reasonable received a 4 star review from Reader's Favorite!

Reviewed by Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite

Being Reasonable: Plain Talk About Living in the Future by Ross Urquhart was written following an epiphany by its author; one in which a kid at a cash register asked him if he wanted to use a "senior card". Urquhart swallowed his pride, accepted that he was no longer in his youth, and punched out Being Reasonable in which he covers...absolutely everything. Okay, not absolutely everything, but everything having to do with life in the current political, economic, and religious climate. The dissection of thought and Urquhart's analysis of all things that should be understood but aren't is the soul of this straight-shooting, no holds barred guide. In short, to begin to understand is to be reasonable. This is the crux of Urquhart's ardent work.

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